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          Seventy Years of Trials and Hardships and the Launch of the Solicitation Order in Zhejiang Library

          pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2019/07/11  count:7

          Name: Seventy Years of Trials and Hardships —— Solicitation of Works Themed with My Reading Experience

          Time: June 2019 — October 2019

          Location: Online (Official Website, Official WeChat No.)

          Introduction: The works to be solicited can be of diverse forms. They can either be words, pictures or micro-videos. Library organizations and people from all walks of life in the whole province can submit works that can reflect the development history of the library, features of readers since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the cultural spirit and service concept of the library. Public libraries and university libraries throughout the province can keep a true record of their development history since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in their works in praise of the motherland and show their cultural spirit and concept of serving readers. People from all walks of life can strive to embody the feelings and features of readers in their works, and show the change of the motherland through the change of reading culture. Works shall be based on facts, show positive attitude and not stray from the theme.


          The solicitation event themed with “Seventy Years of Trials and Hardships — My Reading Experience” will last from June to October. The solicitation stage will be June 25 to August 16. Participants can submit their works at http://hdzj.zjlib.cn. and keep abreast of the trends, timely understand the results of work audits and promotion news by following the WeChat No. “zhejianglib”  — Interaction — The 70th Anniversary of Trials and Hardships.
          The works solicited will be selected, the award will be presented, and the award-winning works will be conducted with provincial tour exhibition to fully demonstrate the changes of reading culture and libraries, the development and growth of the motherland in the past 70 years. It serves as a tribute to the motherland’s seventieth birthday.